Wednesday. Friday.

Winter is coming. Quickly.

Eckert’s apple farm

We decided to take a break from putting up our backyard fence and took a day trip to Eckert’s farm to pick apples. We got enough Fuji’s to make a batch of apple butter (Mum’s recipe, of course. Coming soon!) and some delicious apple baked good (TBD). We went with our roommate and her girlfriend, and we couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.

56th Annual Turtle Soup

Aka Vivian is too cute. She got a new hat and sported it most of the day, as it ended up being quite chilly!

Every year, Jess’s dad brings out the arsenal and we all try our hands at it. Mum is a darn good shot!

And Roman got a lesson from Jess.

All the kiddos wrangled for a photo!

The rest are all of V. So enjoy! :)


Hi Team Awesome!

I’m sorry for my long absence. I’ve been working on getting my photography business off and running (which you can find here¬†and here) while taking up the duties of “housewifery” (yes, that’s my own word for it). I’ve finished our curtains and am making tie backs for them, doing laundry, mowing the yard, baking and making and keeping myself busy.

We’re settled into the new house and now enjoying the biggest bane of home-ownership, prioritizing! We are currently planning a living-fence and plotting our garden. I can’t wait.

And here is where I do my plotting and planning (and some work too).

It’s bright, peaceful, and comfy. :) The plants from left to right are avocado, kalanchoe, and a citronella plant. I also found this oldie today, and I think the images complement each other.

Hope you’ve been enjoying this glorious weather we’ve been having. I know we have.

Homemade vanilla extract

It’s so simple. Buy some good vodka (we found a very convenient resealable bottle of it) and put in a good, fresh vanilla bean.

Let it sit for a month or two.



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